Testimonial: Ray Rico

1. What was your initial orthopaedic problem?

Lower back pain—very severe.

2. What did this problem prevent you from doing?

Sitting, standing, walking, laying down, bending.

3. What made you decide to do something about your problem?

Couldn’t function well.

4. How did you choose which orthopaedic physician to go to?

Dr. Lochemes has a great reputation among friends & peers.

5. Why did you pick MOG?

They could see me right away to assess my pain.

6. How did you feel about your problem before you went to MOG?

I was miserable. Couldn’t function, work, walk or live!

7. What treatment did you have done?

Exam, XRay and diagnosis—along with prescriptions.

8. How do you feel after treatment?

Treatment took a few days but I felt I was treated with compassionate care and quickly.

9. What has our treatment allowed you to do?

MOG has four (soon to be five) locations with twelve Board Certified Orthopaedic surgeons on staff. I would trust my care and treatment from MOG because they are convenient and nearby. Dr. Lochemes’ quality of care and expertise is golden to me.


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