Testimonial: Kim Kimbrough

Tell me, when is the last time you walked in a doctor’s office and had kind, helpful medical assistants that seemed to perfectly understand your physical and emotional pain? And when has a doctor come in and sat down to talk with you like he was your fishing buddy sitting around the campfire to chat? I am so very pleased to report that “MOG” is one of the best medical practices in Memphis. What incredible care and attention they gave my 78-year-old Mom who was suffering from a compound T5 vertebrae compression fracture from a fall she took out the steps of her home a couple of weeks ago. Listen up peeps – you want Medical Staffers Shannon Numera, Angela Jones and Linda Yawn on your case and you want Dr. Chris Fahey and Dr. A.H. Manugian as your ortho-spine-neuro doctors. These people live the hippocratic oath and it shows in the way they talk to patients and take the necessary time to answer all the patient’s questions. Props to ya MOG!!! This is old school doctoring. We need more of it in today’s world. – Kim Kimbrough



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