Pre-Employment Screening

Are you hiring a future workers’ compensation claim? And can you afford to hire employees without a post-offer, pre-employment screening? While you can never predict all future injuries, there are ways to determine the likeliness of an injury based on physical conditions that exist at hiring. MOG offers a comprehensive musculoskeletal screening that allows you to customize a cost-effective screening program that meets ADA and EEOC requirements. From a basic physical examination through a Functional Capacity Evaluation, MOG can help determine a candidate’s physical ability to perform specific job functions.

How does this program work? From a legal standpoint, functional screening must be consistent for each candidate in a specific job position. Not all job positions will require all or the same screenings, but the initial screening for each job must remain the same and criteria for determining additional screening must be applied universally. You can customize your screening process for each position based on the following options:

Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Physical Exam

An MOG orthopaedic surgeon first will ask the candidate about any previous musculoskeletal problems, surgeries, or tests. We’ll review any provided previous test results. We’ll then perform a comprehensive head-to-toe musculoskeletal exam. Grip Strength measurements will be documented when indicated. We’ll give suggestions for additional screenings if we think they are necessary. The final report won’t offer an opinion of ability to perform a job, only a medical report of findings. The decision to continue the hiring process will be up to you as the prospective employer, and MOG will not offer an opinion on whether or not to hire a specific candidate based on physical condition.

X-Rays and MRI

X-Rays and MRIs are optional and available as deemed necessary.

Extensive Physical Examination/Upper Extremity

In addition to the Basic Limited Physical Examination the candidate also will receive neuromatic testing for carpal tunnel syndrome with results provided in the medical report.

Upper Extremity Testing/Greenleaf Evaluation

When indicated, employers may choose to have a Greenleaf Evaluation performed. Greenleaf Evaluations are performed at Southern Hand Centers and include a questionnaire to offer scientific baseline for employers in case of future injuries related to results of this screening.

Fit-for-Duty Evaluation

This four-stage evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s physical abilities to execute specific job tasks:

  1. Determine resting blood pressure
  2. Initial interview/review of health questionnaire
  3. Musculoskeletal assessment/evaluation (performed by Occupational Therapist)
  4. Perform Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) — dynamic and static strength testing to lift, carry, push/pull, balance, climb, stoop/bend, crush, kneel, or reach

Isokinetic Testing

Employers also may choose to further screen candidates using computerized strength testing of the shoulders, knees, and/or ankles to determine a baseline for future injuries.

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