Hey Trainer! My Helmet is Too Big!

Hey Trainer!!! My Helmet is Too Big!


My name is Jay Phillips and I am a Certified Athletic Trainer. I want to talk briefly about helmets and why it is important to make sure they fit correctly. As fall sport’s season progresses, all athletes that wear helmets must be mindful of the movement of the helmets that they wear for their sport. Here are some tips to make sure that your helmet fits correctly:

  1. Measure Head Size: Using a tape measure, measure the head from above the brow to around the temples and at around the occiput (larger back portion of the head) back to above the brow.
  2. Confirm Helmet Size based on your Measurements:
Size Hat Size Circumference
S Up to 6 1/2 Up to 20 3/8″
M 6 1/2 – 7 20 3/8 – 22″
L 7 – 7 1/2 22 – 23 1/2″
XL 7 1/2 and Up 23 1/2 and Up

3. Putting on Helmet: Place thumbs over the base of the ear pads and gently lower helmet onto head at a considerable angle so that the ear pads 1st touch the temple.

4. Adjusting Fit: Inflation of the helmet is not always needed. Only use if the helmet does not fit properly.

  • Use an inflation bulb and a proper inflation needle
  • Add air to obtain a comfy fit
  • Ear pads should be comfortably fixed next to players face

5. Checking for Proper Fit:

  • Front of helmet should be 1” above players eye brow
  • Interlock hands over helmet and firmly press down unto head. The skin of the front head should move with the front pad
  • There should be no twisting of the helmet when pressure is applied
  • Remember that the pressure of the helmet should be felt at the crown of the head not the brow
  • Never wear a helmet that rests too high on the head or too low on the head

6. Attaching Chin Strap: Make sure that the chinstrap is at the middle of the

chin and comfortable over the chin

7. Taking Off Helmet: Unlatch the bottom button of the chin strap and then

gently press thumbs into ear pad and lift helmet off.






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